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'Fear' not 'Fire'

marina moved in yesterday and her house is right by the beach so she’s always down here `ィ(´∀`∩


So I can finally upload this after the gif limit update >:D although the quality is still poop lol

Made this last year during graphic design woop


cute frogs


perfect weather in new york


Queenestown's crazy adorable and ethereal mayor! I've never drawn flower crowns before. This was such fun to paint and pick a palette for. Thanks for commissioning me!



Collab between my best friend and I.

Demy: Peppy Cat villager.

King: Smug Rabbit villager.

They so fancy. ;D 


FINALLY someone commissioned Marina! I’ve been looking for an excuse to paint this cutie, and buruberuu's commission was just the opportunity. Thank you and I hope you like it! I loooooved getting to use my favorite yellow palettes in your artwork ^^

So I just got chosen to co-operate with a fashion store on my main blog

So I may post some of the stuff I promo onto this blog

I won’t do it all the time, but for my favourite stuff, I will


 Isabelle image


zucker, my fellow foodie | acnl